TIFF Party Outfit Roundup

Because I have zero street cred in the film industry, my actual premier invites were few and far between, but I did manage to worm myself into all kinds of amazing after parties and events during TIFF. Although getting all glam is fun, I also like to be a little underdressed for the party because I like the idea of not trying too hard (even though I probably spent longer picking out my outfit than anyone).


Dreamy Dining During TIFF

We jumped at the opportunity during the TIFF madness to eat at a restaurant down the street that I’ve been eyeing up since I moved here. Ricarda’s, located in the super pretty Entertainment One building on the corner of Peter and Richmond streets, might be the prettiest place in the neighborhood. The dinner itself was delish and I’ll get into more detail in a moment, but first I’d like to mention the neat story of how Ricarda’s came to be. What is a true project of passion, Ricarda’s is named after the owner’s wife and business partner. With the dream of creating a dining and lifestyle experience that’s perfect from morning to night, the couple embarked on a journey to fulfill their vision in a restaurant rich part of Toronto, the entertainment district. Although it has undoubtedly been hard, their passion and devotion to this venture has resulted in a truly wonderful dining experience only one year after opening.


TIFF Gifting Beauty Favourites

I had so much fun during TIFF! It was my very first time in the city during the film festival and it was even more exciting than I imagined. Not only did I see some amazing films, but the parties were unforgettable and I loved getting glammed up each day. Although cinema is at the core of the festival, with so many people (and endless celebs) in and around the city, Toronto becomes a media hub for brands to get their products out there and in the hands of individuals.