Four Products To Save Your Skin This Winter

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I’m not sure if you guys are tired of hearing about my dry skin woes, but I’m back with even more complaining now that winter is in full swing and the dry air is really real. I’ve mentioned it before, but I have really dry and sensitive skin. Although Accutane cleared up my skin as a teen, a lot of the lipid production never came back when I stopped using the drug. Thus, I am missing a lot of the key components of hydration in the epidermis my skin. Because of this, I’ve been faced with the issue of relentlessly dry skin due to the fact traditional moisturizing products only hydrate in a superficial sense through the temporary addition of water and oil. Luckily, after extensive trial and error, I’ve come up with the holy grail of hydration for your face.


My Experience with a Fotona Laser Micropeel, Dermal Fillers & Botox


I first visited Cosmedica for a series of chemical peels just before moving to Toronto. I wrote a blog post about that experience here. I quickly fell in love with the place. The aesthetic, the people, the treatments, everything is just so on point. We all know that I’m super into skincare. I believe that a good base is important because life is so much easier if you look healthy and rested without any makeup. For this reason, I reached out as soon as I booked my trip back home to see if there was another cool treatment that I could share with you!


Three Scents For Those With A Perfume Sensitivity

I love to collect perfume bottles. I find them so pretty! Having said that, there are only three scents that I currently wear out of all the bottles that I own because I am super sensitive to perfumes. All it takes is one little bit of something to give me a killer headache, so although I love a yummy scent, it has to be the right one for me. My skincare is all perfume-free, as well as my laundry detergent and so on. It’s a whole different story with essential oils though – they make my head happy!