Day and Night

There’s nothing like the marketing of municipal governments to make you roll your eyes. The city where I grew up was coined “The Energetic City” yet the fast food drive through windows had longer lines than anywhere else I’ve ever been (Fort St. John, I love you anyways).

In Bangkok, the BTS has dubbed it “The City of Life”. Given that whatever the skytrain system says is always a fact, this must be true and in my opinion, it is. Now I’m not sure what Bangkok is referred to in Thai, aside from “Maha Nakhon”, but it is most definitely full of life. At times it is overwhelming. Imagine Kid Cudi rapping “Day N’ Night” in his drool worthy voice; this city is alive day and night.

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’Cause it’s hot as hell

The further we get into March, the closer we get to April and that means it’s hot season. I don’t know about you, but I grew up in the arctic (Canada) which means my biology isn’t conducive to this sun blasting. If you are like me, a cold weather creature, instead of resorting to alcohol abuse or running back to your motherland, how about trying this hot weather survival guide.

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The Beginning


Photo by Violetta Egorova

There’s something truly magical about growing up. Cue my mom rolling her eyes given that I’m only 22. But it’s true, the older you get the closer you become to being comfortable with yourself.

I’ve been a lot of different people in my short life: athlete, intellect, bar star, drag queen (wannabe), mean girl, businesswoman (wannabe) — you name it, I’ve been it. However, the more times I change the closer I get to being me.