As you may have noticed from my flooding of palm tree photos on Instagram, I recently took a trip to Palm Springs. We’ve all seen the pictures online and now I’ve added to that endless stream of photos, but there really is no digital way to do this place justice. Palm Springs is magic.

I’ve been fortunate to travel to some pretty beautiful places, but ones that are only a $300 flight away are pretty hard to come by, so that puts Palm Springs at the top of my list as a destination that I would visit over and over again.

Before leaving for the trip, I was most excited about immersing myself in the playground of old Hollywood. The lure of the desert and dreamlike terrain have made Palm Springs a getaway destination for celebrities since the 1920’s and I was really, really excited to see it for myself.

What I didn’t realize until I got there was that this area has become so much more than that and now offers a little something for everyone (and I will admit, a lot of golf for the elderly). In the end, my 7 days in the desert brought with them a whole assortment of activities that were all enjoyed beneath perfectly blue skies and ideal temperatures.

Continue reading as I take you through all the wonderful moments that I experienced on my #visitpalmsprings holiday.

Holiday Homes

Forget hotels because there is an endless array of vacation homes for rent in the Palm Desert making you feel that much closer to  a celebrity on getaway. Seriously though, that poolside firepit was so epic.

Hat: Mon Panama – Bag: Rebecca Minkoff – Bikini: Latin Catwalk

The Buildings, old and new. 

Palm Springs is home to the largest concentration of mid-century modern architecture boasting work by some of the leading modernist architects of the world. The unique desert environment inspired a movement in the 1950’s of creating buildings with sleek lines, lots of glass and more often than not, built right into the hills themselves. This aesthetic is unique and has been coined Desert Modernism.

Along with Richard Neutra, John Lautner, Donald Wexler and many others, recent architectures are using the region to showcase their work too; this poses a beautiful mix of vintage and new modernist buildings to explore. My favourite, Moises Esquenazi’s pink door – so typical, but I can’t help it.

The Epic Landscape

We’ve all seen the photos, but it’s not until you’ve experienced the lush springs surrounded by desert mountains in real life that the impact of the contrast can really be absorbed. Not to mention those hills are way bigger in reality. The Palm Desert is like nothing I’ve seen before.

Markets & Shopping

Of course, El Paseo road is shopping heaven and home to many leading flagships. I went in an Eileen Fischer boutique for the very first time! In addition to the usual shopping, there is the Palm Springs Market and the La Quinta market which have some special and unique goods for sale. Oh and don’t forget the vintage shopping!

The Windmills, of course!

Way, way bigger in real life and there’s something about them that it almost comical. I can’t really explain it though.

Hiking & Biking

I didn’t anticipate getting a lot of exercise in Palm Springs, but it’s actually a very active region. With hundreds of hikes and trails for mountain biking, you can surely compensate for all the afternoon margaritas (and get a tan while you’re at it). My personal fave, the Palm Springs Bump N’ Grind; it’s the perfect length and incline for a fitness type of hike.

T-Shirt: Plenty – Pants: Joe Fresh – Shoes: Adidas – Hat: Mon Panama

The Climate

After 6 years in the tropics I’ve felt a lot of hot, humid heat. Palm Springs is different in that it’s dry and the desert means it’s cool in the evening. Basically, you get the best of both worlds: sunshine all day followed by the ability to wear your favourite knits at night. Basically, it’s a fashion person’s heaven.


Hat: Mon Panama – Knit: GAP – Trousers: Anthropologie

Watch: Citizen – Bag: Charlie Middleton – Bracelet: Coordinates Collection

Fun Foods

I ate a pretty random assortment of goodness while in Palm Springs. Essentially, I ate Mexican whenever I had the chance and it was always amazing. Aside from that, I would pick fresh fruits off random people’s lawns while out running and then made KD to cure my hangovers, as well as a little In N Out Burger, obviously. All in all, it was perfect.

See you soon, Palm Springs. I love you.