DSC_7614As my move back to Canada (very) quickly approaches, I am beginning to realise that I have nothing to wear there. After five-ish years in the tropics, my winter wardrobe is pretty much obsolete. I have spent so long ignoring seasonal dressing, that I’m not even sure I remember what to wear for winter. Like seriously, which boots are considered cute these days? Having said that, it was very exciting walking through the mall the other day and actually looking at the jackets, scarves and sweaters – so many outfit options will be coming my way soon. With that in mind, I do think this pleated skirt from TopShop will look good paired with an oversized coat for winter…but then what about my freezing legs? Are tights even acceptable? 😛

My move to Canada is a little bit scary because I have virtually no connections there. If any of you have blogs, you will know that who you know is really important in this industry. For this reason, I need your guys help. What are the good brands in Canada? Who do you think I should work with? I don’t even know what kinds of clothes are cool back in Vancouver. Help!

It will be a bit of a struggle for me as I adjust back to a world I have been disconnected from for so long. I know many of my followers are here in Asia, but for those of you back home who are reading this, I would really appreciate some input. Drop a comment at the bottom of this post, Tweet me, Facebook me, Snapchat me (apieceofelise), email me (elise@apieceofelise.com) or send me snail mail if you feel like it – I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I would also really enjoy it if any of you would like to get a cup of coffee when I arrive, as I don’t know the cool cafés either!

Photos by Ivana Kojic

Skirt: TopShop – Shirt: JOE Fresh (old) – Shoes: Converse

Bag: Charlie Middleton – Belt: Zara (old) – Glasses: Dolce & Gabanna

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