Today I want to talk about wearing dresses that are both short and tight…and by that I mean scandalous.

The dress featured in this post is from Feist Heist and I’m absolutely in love with it. The little cut-out details make it that much more great. However, as I was wearing it for the photos, I came to the conclusion that I probably will never wear it again. Don’t get me wrong, I already said that I loved it. However, I just don’t feel comfortable in it. The reason being, it’s both short and tight.

When it comes to an outfit, I generally go for one or the other. If it’s loose, it can be short. If it’s tight, it should be long. Putting them both together, well that’s a whole different ball game.

To begin, try sitting down in something that is short and tight. How exactly can one sit comfortably without flashing someone? What if you drop something? How are you supposed to pick it up? It’s tight so you can’t bend over, it’s short so you just can’t squat. It truly presents a problem that can only be solved by standing around like some sort of scarecrow. No fun at all.

This is all augmented by the fact that it’s apparently currently trendy to dress scandalously. Take Rihanna for example (click it), I don’t even know what she’s wearing. Is it possible that nipples have just become an accessory? …and here I am worrying about the length of my skirt. Is leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination actually the best feminist statement one can make? Whatever the situation, Rihanna’s statements have been praised by stylish women whose opinions I respected highly, but am now somewhat questioning.

With that being said, does this make me a prude? Am I not at all a feminist? Am I old fashioned if I think that nudity should be reserved for the beach/bedroom? I know we all have the same bodies, so then why does nakedness make me feel uncomfortable? Whatever the reason, rational or not, I still think that covered is key; I said it before, I’m saying it again.

I am in love with this dress, but from now on it’s staying in these photos and these photos only. I have about 5 other pieces from Feist Heist that are equally as great and don’t make me feel scandalous like a baby Kardashian.

Now that you all know my opinion, I really want to hear what you think. Is “scandalism” feminism?

Before I go I would like to point out that ordering from feistheist.com in Singapore, to here in Thailand results in import duties of only about 2 baht. Therefore, you can shop away my friends, there is nothing to worry about!

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Dress: Feist Heist – Jacket: Zara – Shoes: Forever 21 – Watch: TW Steel – Bracelets: Zara/Pandora

Photos by: Violetta Egorova