I’m excited to be back with another super cool #ShopLocal post featuring the dreamiest collection of hats by Camille Côté. This is also our blog post shot on Ian’s new 70-200 F2.8mm lens and it’s everything!!! Anyways, I met Camille at INLAND (it seems to be the place where I meet all my favourite local designers) and instantly fell in love with her little bow hat. We know I love me some bows, so I legit ran across the room as soon as I saw this one.

Her winter hats are 100% wool felt and handmade in Montréal by master craftsmen. In addition to her classic, but entirely unique designs (that bow though!!), her hats are unlike anything I’ve seen in that they are all integrated with elastic in the back. This little addition to the hat means that they will fit anyone perfectly. Basically, they’re super comfortable and easy to buy online. Another thing that I noticed from wearing her beautiful brimmed hat is that the elastic opening at the back means that the brim ends just past your shoulders; this is so great in winter when you’re wearing big jackets because the back of the hat doesn’t get in the way of the collar (it’s a problem I’ve encountered a surprising amount of times).

I hope you enjoy her hats as much as I do! I love the felt, but I’m also looking forward to spring, so that I can wear her straw designs too. The two hats featured in this post are the Cabrera in Green and Jeanne in Black. I love that you don’t have to worry about sizing!

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