One of the many things I love about Bangkok is the diversity. This city can be very “in your face” about a lot of things and the amazing assortment of people is one of them.

When I first arrived in Bangkok I was totally mesmerized by everyone. Each person had something new to teach me, tell me or just some way blow my mind. I was constantly being bombarded with new opinions, cultures, beliefs, religions, foods and I could go on for days. The sad part is that somewhere along the way I completely forgot about this up until the day we took these photos.

I’m not sure when it happened or how it happened, but at some point I got used to being out of my element. I became immune to the beauty of the variety in people. I guess you could say I had become too spoiled by the city.

As a student at an international school, I communicate with people from the broadest of backgrounds on a daily basis which goes beyond the effect of simply living abroad. Although this isn’t something that should be taken for granted, I suppose it’s a possible effect of being awhile in a foreign country.

Now instead of making this a long sad post about how we should live each day to the fullest, I’m simply going to explain to you about the little wake up call I had. It was rather entertaining.

The photos for this post were taken outside Paragon shopping centre. It’s huge, it’s busy and it’s fancy as hell. It’s also a bit of a paradox because although it’s luxurious, the majority of the people there don’t buy anything. It’s mostly a place to congregate in the air-conditioning or visit the random aquarium in the basement. I generally wander awkwardly outside the Hermes, Chanel and Dior dreaming of a time when these brands still stood for tasteful fashion and not just tacky wealth. But maybe I’m just bitter because I want the Chanel classic flap bag. Now I’m getting off topic.

While my friend Vio and I were taking these photos, I was starting to get very uncomfortable. As you all know, this blog is still brand new to me. I haven’t quite gotten used to walking around having my picture taken over and over again in highly public areas. People REALLY like to stare. Just as I was about to reach the tipping point of feeling far to anxious, I decided to stop and stare back. Weird plan, I know.

When I looked around me here were the people looking back:

  1. A woman carrying that Chanel classic flap bag. Sigh.
  2. A family on holiday from somewhere that produces 5 children with freakishly blonde hair.
  3. A same sex couple with matching Comme Des Garcons T-Shirts.
  4. A group of school girls from a Muslim region of Southern Thailand.
  5. An elderly woman sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a sarong, being pushed by a boy who was 3 ft tall. Literally.
  6. A group of really dirty looking backpackers. So Typical.
  7. A man wearing what may have been the perfect wrap dress.
  8. A girl in platforms and a skin tight see through mesh dress. I think she was taking photos for her new job on Soi Cowboy.

I’m not even lying.

I hope you found this assortment of people as amazing as I did. As I looked around I was overcome with the realization of just how much I had been missing. The fact that I was surrounded by all these completely different lives was not only hilarious, but it was a reminder of just how special this city is. It’s moments like that when I remember just how lucky I am to be here.

I’d love to hear what little things wake you up.

Outfit details are at the bottom, like always. But as a note, the sandals and top are from EZRA. They can be purchased through ZALORA, as mentioned in A+ PJ SHOPPING.

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Top: EZRA via ZALORA – Sunglasses: CELINE – Skirt: ZARA  Purse: Kate Spade 

Shoes: EZRA via ZALORA – Jewelry: Pandora, River Island & TopShop

Photos by: Violetta Egorova