I’m 26 years old and my mum still buys me an advent calendar yearly. I love it! There’s something seriously nostalgic about opening up a little square of chocolate each day in December. Although my mum sticks to the classic calendars and sometimes even the ones that are on sale, there has been an influx of super extra advent calendars hitting the shelves over the past few years. The first ones I remember were luxe chocolate brands like Godiva, then David’s Tea started doing theirs (my sister got that one year and we still have the teas at home, so my mum won’t be getting that again) and now there’s makeup, skincare and even alcohol!!! Yup, booze! Dead.

I picked up a few epic advent calendars at various holiday previews over the past few months and scoured the internet for the coolest ones I could find. The following advent calendars are seriously extra and seriously epic. Get ’em guys!

NYX Lippe Countdown Advent Calendar. With twenty four different lip shades, this advent calendar will leave you with a lipstick wardrobe to last the whole year. How fun would it be to rock each day’s shade in December? I’m thinking about doing that!
Virgin Wines Advent Calendar. Yup, an advent calendar with wine. It’s like a dream come true! What a way to end each day in December. I with I had my hands on this!
Ginvent Calendar. I mean… is this even real life? Gin is my go-to drink and I can’t imagine what it would be like to taste twenty four of them all through December! The whole world needs this. Next level.
Marshmallow Advent Calendar. Taking us away from the booze for something that’s seriously unique. If you’re a fire kind of person then this is for you. A new marshmallow to roast each day in December! My sisters would be into this.
24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar. If relaxation is in your nature, this advent calendar is perfect. With twenty four different delicious David’s Teas, it’s the best little daily break throughout the month. Happy sipping!