Top: Pomelo – Jacket: Zara – Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Jeans: Levi’s – Necklace: JOE Fresh – Bag: Kate Spade

Nothing beats skinny jeans and stilettos, especially when it’s Levi’s Revel Curve ID and a pair Louboutin. The Revel jeans hold their shape the exact way in which you bought them (so none of that stretching business) and the Curve ID means you will get the perfect fit. If it wasn’t so hot here I would probably live in them!

We all know I go through phases with just about everything, gravitating between crazy colors and neutrals is just another one of them. Sometimes I wake up and want to be bright, other days I want to be an incognito ninja in black. I guess it really depends what kind of adventures I want to get up to in the day.

This particular outfit was put together with all neutrals, making my red lips pop and the soles of my shoes that much brighter. Sometimes it’s just about the little things, right? I am also completely in love with this blouse from Pomelo. It is one of the most flattering tops I own! If I had known, I surely would have jumped on the wrap blouse trend sooner.

Ivana and I took these photos while dodging cars in the middle of the road. We will do almost anything to capture those last moments of sunlight.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Before I go I quickly want to ask if any one is interested in more travel posts? I used to write a lot, but kind of stopped for some reason. Anyways, if you miss them then let me know! Or perhaps things to do around Bangkok? What do you think?


Photos by Ivana Kojic

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