It’s December 1st! I’m sitting here at 8 am having just opened my two advent calendars; one of which is a NYX lipstick calendar, so now I have bright pink lips and I have yet to drink my morning coffee. Anyways, now that December is here (in true last minute Elise fashion), I wanted to share my holiday gift guide with you. I don’t know about you, but I find myself bombarded with “guides” at this time of year, so I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of scouring the internet for things that look cool and compiling them into a gigantic post based upon who you should give it to, I decided to keep it simple and personal. For this post, I went through everything that I had received this year and set aside the things that I would want to receive again. I also reached out to some of my favourite brands for holiday specific products they have available during the season. There is something for everyone in this post (men included). Each item is something that I have used and really, truly loved. There are 14 things here, each one amazing and I promise that this little guide is really all you need. Happy shopping my lovelies!

I used to dream about owning one of these YSL palettes every time I would read the duty-free magazines on the airplane. I love the idea of popping this pretty little product in your suitcase and creating an entire look from it. Seems so glamorous, no? This ons is called Palette De Maquillage Dazzling Lights Edition.

I had the opportunity to create my own custom LANCOME Le Teint Particulier at Nordstrom and it has become my favourite foundation. A machine scans different areas of your face and then breaks down your skin tone into pigments showing you the exact colour composition of your skin. You also choose coverage and hydration level. Then it mixes a foundation the exact colour of your face right in front of you. It can make over 72000 shades! This experience is exclusive to Nordstrom and makes such a unique gift for the holidays.

It’s no secret that I love Henri Bendel, so anything from them makes a great gift as far as I’m concerned. However, they recently launched this line of totally customizable “Influencer Backpacks” which stand out in my mind as a great thing to give. Basically, they have these grids of holes across the front and you can choose various badges and pins to attach making it totally unique. I have lips and the letter “E”. There are attachable bag jewelry options too!

In keeping with the idea of customization, I love Casetify for their cool glitter cases with custom writing. Not only are the cases super cute, but they’re very protective of your phone too. You can see exactly what your case will look like during the customization process online and there are plenty of options to choose from. So fun!

You all know that I love Caudalie! Their hand creams and moisturizers are some of my all time favourites, so I love that they come out with neat holiday packaging during the season. Their “Christmas Cracker” package and hand cream trio are the perfect stocking stuffers or gifts that double as decorations on the tree.As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best gifts you can give. Woolrich wool blankets are literally a hug in the form of a blanket. I absolutely love mine. They’re the type of thing that anyone will cherish, but are a little bit extravagant, so people might not buy for themselves. This gift will be loved greatly by any receiver. I’m cuddled up in mine as we speak.

It’s no secret that I love gin. I recently had the opportunity to try Star of Bombay and it’s seriously next level! With a very distinct flavour of citrus, nutmeg and pine, it makes a delicious martini or winter negroni. A perfect gender neutral gift.

I’m allergic to most perfumes, so they often give me a headache is 2.7 seconds. Luckily, the new YSL Mon Paris perfume smells amazing and doesn’t affect me negatively. There are lots of people out there with the same issue as me; even walking down the street smelling people hurts sometimes! For this reason, I wanted to share a scent that is smells delicious and will keep the scent sensitive people in your life happy.This jacket though! I am so so obsessed. For the 50th anniversary of the Levi’s Trucker Jacket, they teamed up with Hudson’s Bay to add their signature quilted stripes to the inside. So much history and Canadian love in this limited edition piece. I’m convinced it’s something that every Canadian needs! It comes in both men’s and women’s, so might as well give it to the whole family!

I recently got into dry brushing my face and I gotta say that it’s a skincare game changer. In addition to gentle exfoliation, it drains lymph from your face to reduce puffiness. I didn’t realize how puffy I was! This particular brush is from Province Apothecary.

The Tissot Swissmatic watch is a game changer in the timepiece market. I raved about it on an Instagram caption here. Basically, in addition to timeless design, it has a Swiss-made automatic movement and is somehow priced starting at under $400. It’s like a dream entry into the world of mechanical watches. Any watch geeks out there will know what I’m taking about! I love the idea of the world walking around with the classical way of measuring time on their wrists. Three words: Darphin Facial Oil. It’s a skincare hydration dream. I am obsessed, so was super excited when I saw that they came out with holiday gift sets. They teamed up with Nicolas Ouchenir to feature his calligraphy and sketches of Paris on their beautiful boxes. It’s not just skincare, but art too!

Crystals! I have them lying around the house and I love them. There’s something wonderfully calming about something an ancient piece of the earth being incorporated into your home. Plus rose quartz is the prettiest shade of pink. Such a unique gift to give, no? I remember where each of my crystals came from and who gave it to me. They all have a little story and it’s so special! These one in the photo are from Moonshine Juicery.

Two of my all-time favourite beauty products are from Stila. Their matte liquid lip colour is my favourite, as well as their liquid eyeliner. I don’t know of any better ones on the market (let me know if you do), so I love that they came out with these neat gift packs for the holidays. They’re inspired by vintage trunks which is seriously so cute.

That is all! There is something for your friends, mums, sisters and dads in this guide. Maybe a thing or two to keep for yourself too. Let me know if you get anything and who you gave it too. Yay! The holidays are here!