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My Henri Bendel handbag obsession is getting really real guys. It’s at the point where instead of asking “which bag are you taking?”, Ian is asking “which Bendel bag are you taking?”…. that’s when you know it’s a situation.

I collaborated with them for the first time when I moved to Toronto and haven’t looked back. Their bags have some of the best craftsmanship I’ve seen and although they aren’t “fast fashion”, the price point is still within reason given that you’re getting something which will last for a long time to come. Honestly, my Bendel roster has me completely set for every occasion, and I love their wearability and functionality oh so much.

Follow along as I take you through my favourites. πŸ™‚

Woven Brunch Tote

Potentially the most perfectly shaped handbag, this tote is small enough to carry in your hands comfortably, yet spacious enough for everything you need in the day. I love the open top because you can virtually throw in anything you want and grab it and access it with ease. Whether it’s your sunnies when you step outside, your polaroid during brunch with friends or your wallet when it’s time to leave. This bag is my afternoon everything.

West 57th Crossbody Hobo

This is my go-to when I want to be hands free. This brown cross body hobo bag is a classic for wandering around town. Whether I’m at the market getting groceries or out browsing local designers on Saturday morning, this bag fits it all and keeps my hands available for shopping. It makes me feel French girl chic!

Crosby Small Zip Tote

Can you say millennial pink? Totally on trend with this one! It seems like every preview I go to this colour keeps popping up. I love the versatility of this bag in that it can either be a cross body or handbag and the zipper pocket on the outside is the BEST idea for those of us always on our phones. I’m also super into the zipper pulls – total western vibes!

Jetsetter Mini Convertible Leather Backpack

What can I say about what might potentially be my favourite bag ever? I am OBSESSED. I didn’t know that I would ever love a backpack like I do this one, but it is literally insta-cool and also super fashion-y (I know none of these are words). It’s the perfect size to fit my big D-SLR Camera, Lens, Flash, wallet and anything else I might need in a day, so I pretty much carry it everywhere. If there’s one bag you need, it’s this one.