I think quite a bit about what I’m putting into my body. I eat mostly organic and try to counterbalance my consumption of wine by eating lots of spinach each day (let’s not focus on the science), but it wasn’t until recently that I started thinking about what I was putting ON my body too. My skin is my largest organ, so why do I never really think about its health?

Much to my doctor mother’s dismay, I am a bit of a skincare and product addict. I love my cleansers, toners, moisturizers and exfoliants. I have spent large sums of money trying product after product to find a solution to my extremely oily, yet always dry face. Salespeople in department stores assure me they have the solution, but they typically convince me to spend at least a hundred dollars on an assortment of things that don’t actually cause any improvement.

I met the girls from The Green Kiss because Victoria is a small town and we’re all women in business. The Green Kiss owner, Megan, is also a talented country singer for The County Line. Their in-house makeup artist and skincare guru, Carly Flint, is both knowledgeable and passionate. Together these ladies make a wonderful team.

My experience with The Green Kiss is unique in that they truly understand the concept of relationship marketing. They believe in their products and will work with you for as long as it takes to make you and your skin happy. All the products they sell are entirely natural. They even decline certain “green” brands on the market who still include ingredients they don’t wish to support. Carly can basically tell you all the skincare ingredients out there and how they can effect our bodies. Seeing the knowledge and passion of these women, I decided to undergo what they call a #maketheswitch program. This meant that I would be adopting an all natural skincare routine.

For my first appointment at their shop on Fort St. in Victoria, Carly went over what I was currently using and looked at the state of my skin. After lots of chatting and learning, she sent me home with a series of samples of different products. After several days, I learned that there were some products I loved and others that weren’t so great. For the first time, I hadn’t already been sold a product that was supposed that was supposed to magically work for my skin type. As Carly says, “everyone’s skin reacts different” and even a few of the products she initially thought would be great for me didn’t work well.

This process continued over what was at least a month as we slowly got closer to finding the ideal combination. It was neat to see my skin transform. I noticed the biggest difference when I would go to put on makeup; I didn’t realize how much my skin used to freak out over everything until I saw what it was like when it was happy. My face is so smooth now!

All in all, Carly and Megan are miracle workers. Their attentive and relaxed way of finding what’s right is refreshing in a industry saturated with misinformation about how we should treat our skin. I’m not qualified to go into scientific details, but it was crazy to learn about some of the ingredients which are commonly used in products, yet are fully proven to have a negative impact on the health of our skin.

Thanks to The Green Kiss, I now have a skincare routine that complements my skin perfectly. I would recommend giving their website or shop on Fort St. a visit to learn about how you can #maketheswitch too!

Here are the products that we found to work best with me. Don’t forget that this took some experimenting, so I would really suggest that you chat with Carly too!

My natural skincare routine is as follows:

Step 1: Wash with Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser (mornings only)

Step 2: One spray of Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Acceletator

Step 3: VIVA Organics Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum (Best thing ever!)

Step 4: One spray of Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Acceletator (yup, again – it makes all the difference for me)

Step 5: Apply Wild Hill Blackberry Face Serum or Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil (I haven’t quite decided yet)

Since going natural with my skincare, The Green Kiss girls have also started getting me into the natural makeup too, so that’s another story that might come up soon. Thanks for saving my skin, ladies!