I have always had a love for afternoon tea, so I didn’t think twice when W Hotel invited me to try their recently launched tea set at the newly opened “The House“. Not only is the venue epic as an understatement, but the food was both delicious and very insta-worthy. I pretty much pulled the most ridiculous ninja moves trying to get the ultimate Instagram shot of the vintage umbrellas. Oh and seriously, where can I get vintage umbrellas?

When I first went to W Hotel (ages ago for the notorious “Ladies Night” with free flow champagne) I became kind of infatuated with the house next door. The perfectly preserved, powdery yellow, colonial era mansion is just so random a midst the office tower chaos that is Sathorn road. At 124 years old, it is probably the oldest thing in the area, yet it’s charm is as strong as ever. For months it just sat there taunting me, filling me with thoughts of what might one day be my ultimate hangout spot.

Who my remembers my W Hotel blog post? When I stayed there the lovely PR girl, Nacha, informed me that The House would soon be opening as a restaurant/bar and that, get this, there was a courtyard in the middle! HELP. It’s just too good.

And sure enough, it is great. I won’t say much more, but will let the pictures speak for themselves. If you come, bring a fully charged camera and an empty stomach – you will snap until your fingers hurt and eat until your tummy aches. If you are like Kiki and I, you may also stop by the bar for a cheeky few drinks on the way out. Win.

Top: My PJ brand! (coming soon) – Trousers: Beginning Boutique – Shoes: Chloe

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