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I am loving Toronto so far! It is exciting to be in a city again. Inspiration is everywhere and I absolutely love it.

In all honesty, the transition has been a bit slower (and more stressful) than anticipated. It took me ages to find an apartment and then waiting around for the moving boxes to arrive took awhile too. I’m still in the process of settling in and establishing some kind of a routine, but we finally got around to shooting some new content yesterday! Frequent blog updates will be coming your way again. Yay!

For my first Toronto blog post I wanted to capture the beauty of the city. I went to an event at this random venue east of downtown only to discover that it had the most epic view ever. The perfect place for my first big city blog post. Enjoy!

Now I’m off to attempt to assemble a bed frame that just arrived. Wish me luck.

I covered the #FashionCAN shows and backstage with REDKEN last week and will be doing something similar for Toronto Women’s Fashion Week this week, so check out my Instagram Stories (@APOElise)!

Photos by Sandy Rossignol. Sunglasses from Clearly. Watch by Berg + Betts.


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