I love to collect perfume bottles. I find them so pretty! Having said that, there are only three scents that I currently wear out of all the bottles that I own because I am super sensitive to perfumes. All it takes is one little bit of something to give me a killer headache, so although I love a yummy scent, it has to be the right one for me. My skincare is all perfume-free, as well as my laundry detergent and so on. It’s a whole different story with essential oils though – they make my head happy!

Anyways, out of all the pretty bottles on my vanity, there are three that smell amazing and don’t give me a headache. The more people I talk to about perfume sensitivity, the more common I realize it is. For this reason, I thought I would share these scents with you in case you have a sensitivity too.

Maison Margiela REPLICA’ FANTASIES: Wicked Love

This scent is badass. They say that it’s gun metal and roses, as well as gender anonymous. If you want something that’s earthy with hints of citrus and wood then this is for you. I think of it as an evening scent.

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Rose Twist Layering Oil

This oil is meant to boost the rose notes in the Flowerbomb Eau de Perfum, but I love it on it’s own. What is essentially a rose oil, this is perfect for if you’re really, really sensitive to scents because it’s entirely natural. The rose is über feminine and feeds your inner goddess.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Toilette

A combination of peony and berries, this scent is light and beautiful. Perfect for the daytime, this scent brings a lightness to the air and leaves me dreaming of couture in Paris.

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