Because I have zero street cred in the film industry, my actual premier invites were few and far between, but I did manage to worm myself into all kinds of amazing after parties and events during TIFF. Although getting all glam is fun, I also like to be a little underdressed for the party because I like the idea of not trying too hard (even though I probably spent longer picking out my outfit than anyone).

One thing I consistently wore during TIFF were my new aviators from Clearly. I love the juxtaposition of creepy old man during the 90s vibes when you’re done up all fancy.

Scroll down for some outfit and party highlights from TIFF.

We had so much fun dancing up a storm to DJ Lissa Monet and DJ Mia Moretti at the Moet & Chandon pop-up party, Maison Moet. I had no voice the next day from singing (yelling) so much! The venue was beautiful and they even had a Moet & Chandon vending machine. Heaven!

I have been loving accessorizing with gold for fall. I’ve been wearing my Henri Bendel Brunch Tote, rose gold and leather Swatch and Lacoste sneakers on repeat.

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We had the chance to enjoy cocktails at the L’Oreal Paris red carpet viewing room where you can catch all celeb action during TIFF. It was my first time experiencing what really goes down on during the red carpets that I always see on TV, so that was pretty neat. I wore my favourite leather and velvet PAIGE blazer with a new PAIGE top underneath that has the most adorable neckline.

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Finally, there was Mongrel House! I may have partied there three nights in a row at one point. Located just up on Queen St. at The Campbell House which is usually a museum, the old mansion was turned into an after-party venue for those enjoying TIFF all over the city. Along with all the cool photo opps (look at that wallpaper), The Mongrel House had s’mores in the basement, a St. Lawrence Food Market outside and live music on the daily. Oh, and Karaoke with a live band in case you missed that on my Instagram stories.

There was one day in which I decided to wear a faux fur leopard print jacket on top of a velvet leopard print top from PAIGE, which was pretty extra and I loved it.

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Until next year, TIFF!