I had a blast at my first Fashion Week in Toronto. I hope you all followed along on my Instagram stories because it got wonderfully ridiculous. I attended around four shows each day, as well as a few parties in between. The Toronto Women’s Fashion Week shows were all local Canadian designers with the exception of an international spotlight designer from Berlin. I made an endless array of new friends and had the chance to wear some very fun outfits. It was about minus ten in the above photo though, so I’m not sure how I managed to look so happy. Regardless, this above street style look is my favourite photo from the FW shot by Charlie.

The following photos are a few of my favourite moments. A big shout out to Chloe Sugar, The Prep GuyRebecca Zulch and Karla Schaus for being the funnest new friends!

From a Photo Booth at TWFW’s After Party at The RitzCarlton.

Getting #RedkenReady backstage with the Redken team. I love what they did with my hair!

Snapped by Tarsipix between shows with Chloe.

Outside the shows rocking my new MLOUYE bag. Some guy said that it looked like a giant stud. Love it!

Wearing a full Miriam Baker look to watch her show. It was fabulous!

I’m already looking forward to the next season! Thanks for having me, TWFW.

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