Bringing it back to a few weeks ago when my hair was still blonde and the temperates were above zero. As most of you probably know, I recently switched my hair from bleached blonde to brunette with the help of the amazing team at Donato Salon + Spa. To be honest, I don’t know why exactly I decided to suddenly go darker. I am naturally dirty blonde and have never been darker than that in my life!

Part of it had to do with the time (upwards of 7 hours) that it takes to get an ashy bleach blonde look, as well as the fact that my hair was breaking all over the place got me thinking that I wanted to do something different. As the weather started getting colder, I also found myself moving towards warmer tones instead of my usual love for greys. Finally, I think I just got bored. I didn’t really tell anyone or think about it much, but showed up at the salon and asked them for brown. I think even Donato was a little bit rattled! As I was leaving a stranger was like, “didn’t you just have white hair?” Yes, yes I did!

Another thing I did that got me more comfortable with the idea of going brown was dying my roots darker. I never really liked the look of my dirty blonde roots, so instead of bleaching them lighter, I decided to dye the brown! So random, I know. There’s something about a rooted blonde that just so badass! Anyways, it was after I saw myself with a couple inches of brunette on top that I really got used to the idea. Long story short, if you’re looking to switch to brunette, maybe give that a try to ease yourself into it.

In addition to their salon services, Donato also has several day spas located in shopping centres all over greater Toronto. I recently had the chance to try out their Donato Getaway Spa Package at Square One Shopping Mall and really enjoyed it. I never thought that I could walk into a spa in a shopping centre and truly feel like I’m on a retreat. The space is huge with long curving hallways, dim lights and total silence. It’s feels surreal when you walk back into the mall at the end of the day!

My experience included a deep cleansing facial, body scrub, body wrap, massage, manicure and pedicure. Yup, a dream! It was my first time have extractions during a facial, so I had literally never seen my face with such smooth pores. The body scrub and wrap were fantastic; they covered my whole body in mud and then wrapped me in this metallic sheet that radiated heat back onto my body. So cozy and warm! Finally, the massage was a dream. All in all, I never wanted it to end. I continued to dream of the spa when I went to sleep that night.

Photography by Eryn Shea.

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Bag: Henri Bendel – Boots: Cartel – Glasses: Clearly

Jacket: Bano Eemee – Silk Shirt: Equipment – Joggers: Joe Fresh


Please note that this post is in partnership with Donato Salon and Spa. All opinions are my own.