Now that I have officially arrived in Toronto, I thought it might be fun to do a roundup of all my favourite spots to shoot outfit photos in Victoria. I hope you love them like I do! Please let me know if you go to shoot at any of the locations because I would love to see what you come up with. It’s always inspiring to see what other people see, so let me know if you have any spots to add too. Happy shooting!

I’m currently sitting in my Toronto apartment (with my laptop on a box that is acting as my temporary table) and I’m surprised at how emotional I feel. This blog post marks the end of my Victoria based content. I really grew to love the little place, so it’s sad to be saying goodbye. I will be back to visit soon though.

In the meantime, I’m here in Toronto feeling totally out of my league with no idea where begin! There is so much going on in so many places that it’s almost paralyzing. At the same time, it is both exciting and inspiring, so everything will be great as long as I keep my goals in check. I’m doing my best to not spend my days exploring the endless amazing cocktail bars (lol). I am also very impatiently waiting for all my clothes to arrive, so that I can start putting together new outfit posts!

Please let me know if you have any local photographer recommendations. Thank you!

PS I’ve linked the google maps locations in the title of each photo spot.

The Back of The Legislature

I love taking photos behind The Legislature. There are beautiful walls and staircases of stone, but unlike the front where all the tourists go there is never anyone back there! It’s literally always empty. Plus, there’s a parking lot right there, so you can pop in your car to change outfits (we all do it)! It also has a roof, so it’s a great place to shoot when it’s raining.

The Johnson St. Blue Bridge (before it’s gone!)

This spot is a bit confusing to find, but if you’re standing on Wharf St. looking towards the bridge, there are two abandoned buildings directly to the left of the bridge. Between the two buildings is a small alley. If you walk between the buildings down to the water, it opens up to a small parking lot with an unobstructed view of the Johnson St. Bridge. Photographic gold! I’ve linked the Google streetview here if the above made no sense.

Fan Tan Alley

My favourite Fan Tan spot is the entrance to the alley on the Chinatown end. Photos are best towards the end of the day when the sun is lower in the sky. I’d suggest standing right at the entrance, so there is still some natural light on the subject of the photo.

The Royal Theatre

It’s just a wall of pure greatness. Plus, it’s white. What more could you want?

The Union Club

The only place where you can get both The Empress and The Legislature in the background of your photo. To top it off, you’re on a beautiful stone terrace. Heads up though, they really don’t like people taking photos here and aren’t very polite about it. So… basically everyone should go take photos there.

Top of the Yates St. Parkade

Big white and black geometric lines with lots of empty space. You can also take advantage of the view if you feel so inclined.

Huntingdon Manor

Huntingdon Manor is photographic heaven!!! Plus, they don’t mind you taking photos there at all. One of my faves!

Dragon Alley

Dragon Alley was recently re-opened as a retail and office space and is full of various corners and hallways of beautiful brickwork.

Waddington Alley

It’s as close to NYC as you can get in Victoria. As one of the longer alleyways in the city, you get more depth than the other Victoria alternatives.

Store St. Industrial Area

I just love all the greys! There aren’t many people around and sunset shots here are magical.

The Parkside Hotel

The Parkside Hotel is a very busy spot, but no shame right? Anything for the shot! The curved glass walls on the front of the hotel have the most awesome effect in photos.

The Fort Common

The cutest mini alley ever! There is also a secret courtyard in the back. The entrance is through a gate between Starbucks and Be Love on Blanshard St. Note that it is often locked in the winter.

The Fairmont Empress

It’s epic. It’s iconic. The Empress is great for taking photos!

White Brick Storefront – Johnson & Government

I love bricks and finding alternative colour options is always a fun change. This white brick building is currently an unoccupied retail space, so there’s nobody to bother you either!

St. Ann’s Academy

Another beautiful piece of Victorian heritage. People rent St. Ann’s for weddings, so obviously it’s great for photos!

Black Brick Wall – Corner of Broad & Johnson

Black. Brick. Can’t beat it!

And that’s it! Well, at least all that I can think of at the moment. Let me know in the comments if you have more to add. Be sure to check my post on Victoria’s Top Spots for Tourist Photos because some of those are great for outfits too!

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