If you’ve ever been to Victoria, you will know that the entire region is pretty much one big photo spot. I planned this post with the help of my sister and it was a bit overwhelming because there were so many places we wanted to shoot! As a means of making it both feasible on our end and not too much for the reader, we decided to stick with tourism oriented places for this post. I hope to share my favourite spots for outfit photos really soon!

The following places are where I would recommend visiting if you only have a short time in Victoria. My blogger friend, Randa Salloum, came over from Vancouver for the day and we successfully fit all these places into the span of about 8 hours. If you intend to visit all the photo spots that we did, I would suggest following in the order of this post as it makes the most sense geographically. Clicking on the title of each place will take you to the location on Google Maps.

If you do visit any of these places, please let me know as I would love to see what you come up with! If you have places to add please let me know in the comments. Happy Shooting!

Cattle Point

It’s such an epic view. With the rocky shoreline on the right, the beautiful bay on the left and The Olympic Mountains (I think?) across from you, Cattle Point is the kind of place you’d want to go for a summertime picnic. Stick with rule of thirds when taking photos here, as it will make the image more pleasing to the eye.

The Kitty Islet Mystery Chairs

These chairs are entirely random, but have become pretty famous on the internet. They are rarely unoccupied (we had to ask a group of people with several very large cameras on tripods to move for our photos). There is a cute story for how they came to be which can be found through a quick google search, but I love the mystery of it, so I’ll leave that knowledge for you to discover if you so desire. Be sure to get yourself in the location geotag on Instagram to add yourself to the insta-famous Kitty Islet photo feed!

Ogden Point Breakwater

It know it’s such an obvious one, but the breakwater is just too good to miss! I am a big fan of The Breakwater Café and love to grab a coffee for the walk. As much as it’s tempting to shoot down the length of the breakwater for that sought after vanishing point photo, I would also suggest shooting at the bend for a cool new perspective. It took me awhile to figure this one out, but I love the way it looks. Plus, it’s different!

Fisherman’s Wharf

It’s impossible to explain how cute this place is! All the colourful floating homes are a photographer’s dream (unless you’re Randa who avoids colour). The good thing is there’s something for everyone – if you leave the “residential” area of fisherman’s wharf and head down to the actual fisherman’s section, there will be endless shades of grey and blue if colour isn’t really your thing.

This is also the ultimate lunch spot. The Puerto Vallarta Amigos floating taco house is so delicious!

Emily Carr House

Of course this is what Emily Carr‘s home looked like. It’s amazing! The home is technically a museum now, so you can experience it properly if you’re interested. Imagine if the whole town looked like this? I would probably have a panic attack trying to Instagram everything…


Victoria is home to Canada’s oldest Chinatown and it really is such a special place. Rich with history, I love exploring the shops and little alleys, the most famous of which is Fan Tan. The best way to get your Fan Tan Alley shot is to pose at the Fisgard Street entrance (it’s my personal favourite), so that you still get the depth of the alley, but with natural light on the subject as seen below. Such a fun shot!

Be sure to stop for an afternoon snack at Habit Coffee just outside the Pandora Street end of Fan Tan Alley. If you want epic photos of the Arch at the Chinatown gates, I would suggest arriving just before 7 am (that’s when the delivery trucks arrive and the street will be lined with parked cars for the remainder of the day). This works better in summer when there is actually some daylight at that time.

I also challenge you to find the newly re-opened Dragon Alley!

Craigdarroch Castle

It’s my future home. Kidding. I wish. If you’ve ever been on a tour of the interior, you will know that it was once one man’s seriously over the top house. Presently, I love that it’s this epic mini castle in the middle of the residential Rockland area. I also love that their website is simply TheCastle.ca. Does anyone else find that hilarious?

The Inner Harbour

It just had to be part of this post. The Inner Harbour is one of Victoria’s most famous spots and the photo opportunities really are endless. When it comes to photos of places and not people, I love to compose an image with a point of interest in the foreground such as the branch in the image below. This shot can be taken from the top of the stairs at the Inner Harbour entrance closest to the Undersea Gardens.

The Legislature

The Legislature is such a Victoria icon, so it’s definitely something to get a photo of, but I find it difficult to get one that I really like. With the green lawn out front (I don’t like green), as well as the fact that it’s always covered in people makes it difficult to get that perfect shot. It is pretty special when the fountain freezes though, but unfortunately there wasn’t much ice left by the time we got there.

Celebratory Cocktails

If you just did (or plan to do) everything in this post then you are well deserving of a beverage. When I’m showing someone around Victoria, I love to take them somewhere that’s typical Victoria, but not somewhere a tourist would just stumble upon during a walk down Government Street. For this reason, I love taking visitors to Canoe Brewpub. With a relatively hidden location that’s still downtown, their own brewery, ocean views and live music, it’s the perfect place to end a long day of sightseeing in Victoria.

Thanks for coming along on this Victoria adventure, Randa! Sign up in the comments below for a photo tour of your very own. Kidding, but maybe not really… 😛

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