If you follow me on Snapchat, you will know that I have been doing a whole lot of working out lately. My friend Courtney (whom you already heard about here), as well as GuavaPass are largely to blame for this influx of physical activity.

If you don’t know already, GuavaPass is another one of those tech startups that I get all geeky about. Basically, it’s a service that allows you to register and make one payment, but allows you to access almost all of the boutique fitness studios in the city. Just picture Muay Thai, Fly Yoga, Surfing, Spin, Ballet Bar, Bootcamp and Pilates all in one week. Literally. My friend Ivana and I have a tendency to hop from one class to another because that’s how much we like to try new things. GuavaPass pretty much turns working out into a fun activity. It’s also a great way to meet new people – I know I’ve made some new friends since starting with Guava.

On top of the frequent workouts, I also completed something called a “bodybuilder shred” this week with the nutritional guidance of Courtney. I only did 3 days of it, but those three days were hard enough. I actually ended up with abs for once, which I find very comical. If Courtney can completely change my body in 3 days, then just imagine what she could do in a month! I would like to point out that my abs have since disappeared with the consumption of a cinnamon bun, mojito and Corona.

If you already work out or are planning to start, I would definitely recommend getting some cute fitness clothes. Nothing motivates me to get active than a new outfit and this crisscross top from WakingBee is perfect place to start.

Top, Sports Bra & Cropped Leggings: Waking Bee

Photos by: Fashion House CZ

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