I discovered THACKER on Instagram and quickly became obsessed. As a wildly creative individual, my personal style is often all over the place. I’m notorious for buying clothing that I’m convinced I will love forever only to realize that it was a fleeting liking and largely dependent on my mood or situation that day. Although I have a closet filled with wonderful pieces of clothing, I have no idea how to shop for the every day. I may own a mountain of silk shirts, but I have nothing when it comes to the remaining necessary wardrobe essentials. It’s silly how often I stare into my closet and throw a fit because I have “nothing” to wear. Then THACKER happened.

THACKER makes everything you need to have a streamlined wardrobe that will always look chic. I mean everything. This brand does clothing, outerwear, leather bags, shoes AND accessories. To top it off, they do it all well. Their classic white shirt is finished with french seams, their outerwear is made from warm wool blends and everything fits wonderfully. Plus, the craftsmanship of their leather bags has me convinced they will last forever. Oh and did I mention that everything is seriously so comfortable? I know I’m raving about this brand right now, but I just can’t help it!

A little bit of background for you. THACKER is a New York based company that strives to #makeyourclosetgreatagain through a collection of “Modern Essentials”.

After years of working in the fashion industry and listening to the wardrobe woes of countless women, I decided to create a collection of modern essentials that mix, match, and travel with ease. A collection that works for women of all ages and helps them to look polished, pulled-together, and chic in a flash. A collection that empowers women to simplify their lives without sacrificing style. A collection that, literally, you can throw into a suitcase and have endless wardrobe options at your fingertips. Men have had a basic wardrobe system for decades. Isn’t it time for women to have the same option?

-Toni Hacker

She is my hero! Having experienced first hand the amount of time and effort it took to create my single set of ÉLISE pajamas, it truly amazes me to see how this woman has created an entirely comprehensive wardrobe of beautifully designed and manufactured pieces. To top if off, they’ve curated the collection into a series of Wardrobe Kits allowing you to buy a selection of pieces designed to be mix and matched in a way that they’re all you ever need. Having received their Deluxe Wardrobe Kit I can honestly say that these essentials have taken over my wardrobe and are being worn on repeat. I come up with more fun outfit combinations each and ever day!

The following outfits are all styled using pieces from their Deluxe Wardrobe Kit. The kit includes the bags too! THACKER will take over your wardrobe and you will enjoy every minute of it.

The direct links to all individual items are below.

Yoko Cape Dixon Boyfriend ShirtMarfa Weekender

Dixon Boyfriend Shirt – Harper Tassel Tote

Liya Tunic Dress – Kestrel Skinny Scarf

Dixon Boyfriend Shirt – Harper Tassel Tote 

Lydia Skirt Silver – Kestrel Skinny Scarf

Sienna Sweater – Ren Draped Crop Pants – Dixon Boyfriend Shirt

 Harper Tassel Tote – Marfa Weekender – Chelsea Pouch – Franca Keyfob

Many thanks to THACKER for partnering on this post. Although it was sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own. When you love something you just gotta tell the world!

Photography by Laura Clarke.

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