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Summer is pretty much here! As my first rainy, west coast winter in 6 years comes to an end, I am more than ready for some sunshine. There’s nothing like half a year of dreariness (is that a word?) to make one really appreciate good weather. Regardless, I am pretty much jumping up and down about all the summertime weekends away that I’m going to be enjoying.

Packing for a trip used to seriously stress me out, but I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of travel since creating the blog, so my packing skills have improved a lot over the past few years. I was on a trip to California with my little sister this past week and I was ready to go long before she was each time we changed hotels. My sister couldn’t believe it because she had spent her whole life waiting for me as I struggled to organize my suitcase.

I’ve put this outfit together because it’s generally what I pack for a west coast weekend getaway. Summer is the perfect time to explore the Gulf Islands around Victoria, so I hope you can put a little time aside to see an island or two.

What to pack for a Gulf Island getaway:

Casual maxi dress: comfortable with just the right amount of elegance.

Floppy hat: perfect for the beach, boat or weekend market, plus you don’t have to brush your hair.

Cardigan: in a neutral color, so you can throw it over anything for those cool ocean evenings.

Flats or sandals: keep it comfy, so definitely no heels.

Accessories: have a little fun with the jewelry because summer is a great time to make a statement.

A weekend bag: for all those extra little items.

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