I met a man named Keith at my friend’s fashion show a few months ago and he gave me this pretty little black tube. He explained that it was a product he had created (based here in Victoria) and that it was a water soluble clothing glue which can be used to adhere any types of fabric, or fabric to skin. As someone who has been a long time user of double sided clothing tape (my mum *ahem Santa* has a tendency to put it in my stocking), I could easily see the benefit, so I happily popped one in my purse. I proceeded to spend a few weeks constantly pulling it out of my bag thinking it was my lip balm.

Then one day when I was wearing a particularly annoying button up shirt that kept popping open in the front, it dawned on me that I had the solution: that little black tube that’s most definitely not a lipbalm. One swipe of the StyleStick and my shirt stayed shut until I got home that evening. It took a little while, but I finally began to get into the habit of remembering that I had a quick fix to those annoying clothing problems.

Since that day, the number of times I’ve glued something on my outfit is pretty pretty substantial. I didn’t realize how often I would be absentmindedly pulling up my bra straps until I had a way to keep them in place. Or keeping my tights up. Or pants cuffed properly. All the clothing with fallen hems that I was too lazy to fix could suddenly be worn again because I simply glued them in place. Deep V tops were no longer an issue because I would just glue them to my skin. To top it off, StyleStick isn’t painful to remove or begin to itch in the way that tape does.

My glue using habits got even more out of control when I went from the practical uses to the more creative ones. We all know I love to wear bow tops, but they always tend to droop, so I started glueing the corners out to enhance their shape (see photos below). I know it’s a bit extreme, but my bows look so much better now! For this outfit I also glued the deep V in place, as well as my stockings. I realized halfway through that my socks weren’t staying cuffed properly, so I glued them. In retrospect, I probably should have glued the bottom of the pink blazer closed too because it seems to be popping open. All in all, I’m a crazy glue person.

When you continue scrolling through the post you will see a second outfit which was also exceptionally glued in place. Once again, there’s a glued bow, as well as cuffed denim. My top was transparent, so I glued the leather jacket down on each side, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Then I also glued the faux fur stole to one shoulder, so that I wouldn’t have to constantly be putting back in place.

I know that these examples are a bit extreme, but there are so many things to think about when I’m shooting outfit photos, so not having to worry about whether my clothes are in place makes it all that much easier. I’m sure all you bloggers out there know what it’s like to get your photos back only to realize that something was off (the bottom of the pink blazer is a prime example). Whether it’s every day use, or fashion industry use, I think StyleStick is a pretty helpful product. Plus, I love that fact that it’s based in Victoria!

Click here for a list of StyleStick retailers in Vancouver or on Vancouver Island. To shop online click here. They make pretty great stocking stuffers!

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Many thanks to StyleStick for partnering on this post. Although it was sponsored, all opinions and clothing glue ideas are my own.

Photography by Alana Kumar. Makeup by Carly Flint.

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