The title of this post may be a bit confusing given the bright blue sky, but trust me, it was pretty darn cold out. Working out in a crop top will no longer cut it now that I’m back in Canada, so that sort of eradicates some of my previous running outfits.

The ability to run freely in nature is something that I used to take for granted as a small town Canadian, but I have learned to appreciate it after a few years in a big city. I am so happy to be able to go for an afternoon run along the beach.

Over the past few years my mum has become completely obsessed with merino wool. Pretty much every time I see her I ask, “which variation of an Ibex outfit are you wearing today?” Clearly it was a natural fit when I had the opportunity to style a few Ibex pieces of my own.

Ibex is made from New Zealand Merino Wool with ZQ certification which ensures the highest levels of animal welfare. The manufacturing takes places in the US (30-40%), Canada, Turkey, Sri Lanka & Vietnam. Sounds pretty fair to me!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever worn Merino Wool before, but it’s easy to get obsessed because it’s basically a magical fabric. I was first introduced to it by my mum (she seriously shows me all the best stuff) as a base layer, but we quickly grew to incorporate it into everything.

Merino Wool is great in the heat because it draws moisture away from the body and allows it to evaporate (wicking?), but then it also acts as wool by keeping you warm in the cold. To top it off, it still keeps you warm when wet. This is a totally non scientific explanation, but perhaps it’s because the Merino sheep need to survive the cold winters and hot summers of New Zealand? Oh and they’re super cute too.

This type of wool is also unique in that it’s very fine, so it feels soft and comfortable on the skin. I normally can’t wear wool without something underneath, but with Merino there is no itch invovled. My mum also told me to mention that she’s tried every brand of Merino on the market and that Ibex wears the best (who thinks she should write this post?)

It also has a natural SPF and odour fighting properties, so basically when you wear it you are protected like a sheep. I feel OK saying this given their animal welfare policies.

Anyways, my family is obsessed with Merino and Ibex is going to be keeping me warm when running all winter long.

Here are the items I’m wearing for the ultimate winter running outfit:

Energy Free Tight – super warm and they stay up while running, which is an issue I come across often.

Shak Spire Hoody – streamlined, but still warm with long sleeves to make sure your hands don’t get cold.

Wool Aire Vest – the perfect temperature regulator; do it up if you’re cold and down if you’re hot.

Sweater Basic Beanie – because it’s cute and we all need a warm head.

Happy winter, friends!

Note: these photos were taken at Island View Beach. If you’re in Victoria, it’s worth checking out for a walk or run – it’s also dog friendly.

Note 2: can you spot Mt. Baker?

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